Declaration of my Revolution.

Day after day, I seem to find myself wanting more. What I have isn’t good enough. It probably isn’t good enough by anyone’s standards. Out of work, no income, hassled by my parents and lacking education. It isn’t that I don’t want to work, I just want to focus on my education and catch up what I’ve missed out on for the past five years as I’ve moved back and forth between countries, gone homeless several times and promised many things, only to be let down.

Well, today I say no more. I worked hard in the past, but that will seem like child’s play compared to what I’m about to undertake. First thing to tackle is my sleeping regimen. With the odd late night, my sleep routine is very out of order. Ideally, I would be sleeping by 22:00 and awake at 04:00. Well, the ideal is what I aim to achieve! According to my research into sleep, there is no such thing as “catching up on sleep”. That also means that I can tackle this all in one night. If I can keep to it for three nights, I should have regulated my sleeping pattern.

The next thing on my list is a source of income. I’ve been out of work for over a year now and have next to nothing in terms of money either. For the past three months, I’ve half heartedly trained myself in the art of copywriting. I know full well that if I can get work in this field, and produce good work, I can be paid very very well. So my plan is simple: Practice writing for four hours a day, then spend another two looking for work.

Next comes my education. I have applied for the local Lycee (highschool) and am waiting for the final confirmation. In the meantime, however, I need to seriously prepare as it will not be in my native language. Another two hours of my day will be dedicated to working on my education. One entirely dedicated to regaining my skills in French, as I’ve not spoken it prominantly for a little over five years, and the other to alternating basic skills (such as maths, history, geography etc…).

Following that comes my general self-development. Skills I want to learn, hobbies to improve on and courses to complete. I would reserve an extra two hours a day to reading. This would allow me to read four books for half an hour each, spread over the course of the day. One of those books should be a classical work, something far before my time. Another should be a “How to” style book, one that teaches me some sort of skill relevant to me. The next should be a fiction book, so that I may have some enjoyment and so that I may learn to write better stories. Finally, a biography, one that gives me confidence in the fact that others have succeeded and to make of them my mentors.

With my basic routine now written, I can begin thinking about what other skills I would like to work on. You may feel like ten hours of anything is a lot, but remember how I said this would make any previous effort seem like child’s play? That’s probably no excuse, but let’s carry on. I feel like three months is a good timeframe to learn a skill, at least enough to have a solid general ability with it. It is with this idea that I plan to work on three additional skills for three months at a time, staggered a month apart. What this means is that I will be finishing and starting a new skill each month, but always working on three.

To begin, I feel like I could do with someĀ more writing. So, creative writing will be my first skill and only additional skill (on top of my routine) that I will work on for a month. Come the second month, I would like to begin drawing. And for the third month, I shall take up an instrument. And for my first instrument, I will take up the Piano.

Now, although I said I would rather start with writing, sometimes life can get in the way of our plans. I will only have my Keyboard for the next three weeks, after that I may not. So instead, I will begin with the piano, then take up writing, then drawing. By the time that I finish drawing, I should be well on my way to being known as an over-achieving perfectionist. Which isn’t a bad thing I might add…

But what if I want to continue one of those skills for perhaps even my life? Well… hehehe… May I remind you that my sleeping routine would allow me eighteen hours of daylight, I’ve only used at most fourteen, if you discount two hours for food and maintenance. So, I should have four left right? That final four, I plan to leave open for disruptions, social vomit, and for hobbies/fun. If I find that I particularly enjoy a certain activity, I probably wouldn’t mind doing it during my downtime.

To close what seems to be some madman’s mutterings, you may be wondering why all this is so… general. Is it not better to focus on one specific skill and try to become the best at it? Well through painstaking research, and my own theories, I’ve decided to work on my skills as though they functioned as some 2D pyramid. The more I know laterally, the higher and more stable my abilities can become. Eventually I will tweak this system to function around my school life, but the idea will remain the same. A brilliant mind must know not only all there is in their own field, but also that of the fields surrounding it. And, to a lesser extent, the fields surrounding them.

It’s just how our brains work apparently.