Sealed away in the endless void, a beautiful figure floated peacefully. Eighteen majestic wings of alternating black and white rested on her back and nine silver tails spewed out of her spine. Her hair, black as night, ran down to her waist and two black fox-like ears sat atop her head.

A pair of golden eyes stared out into the void. It had been far too long that she was stuck here. By her last count, seven hours had passed; but it had been years since she lost count. It didn’t matter to her really, for time didn’t exist here. If she could return to her old world, it may very well have been destroyed several times over since she last felt soil beneath her feet.

Ah~ how I miss solid ground.

The girl spun herself in boredom, still hoping that someone – somewhere – would let her out one day.

Suddenly, her head crashed against something. It turned her world white, probably from shock, but then her body rolled along the ground. She yelped with each tumble until she finally came to a stop.

“Welcome, young one.” said a deep, sourceless voice.

The girl got up and took to looking around the endless white space.

“There’s no grey, where am I?” she asked, sorting out her regal blue dress.

“This is my domain, a space between my realm and the void.”

“And may I ask why I’m here?”

“Of course!” He said.

Then silence fell until she spoke again.

“And so why am I here?”

“One of my duties is to invite new, talented individuals to live in our realm. It just so happens that I found you floating around in the void.”

“Oh wonderful!” she said, clapping her hands gleefully.

“Now then, I suppose you’re happy with that arrangement?”

“I am. I was about to go mad in that void.”

“Great, so I’ll just turn you into a goblin and send you off.”

“I’m sorry… a goblin?”

“Yes, a goblin. It’s a hobby of mine.”

The girl ran away.

“No! I am not becoming a goblin!” she said as she bolted away, only to have her face painted in dread; there was nowhere to go.

“Well that’s…” the voice sighed audibly “I’m not forcing you, but you would be revered you know! Someone with your intelligence, the knowledge of an otherworlder, is bound to be worshipped by goblins everywhere!”

She held her ground fervently.

“Fine, you leave me no choice. It was only meant to be a suggestion anyway. I’ll just give you the usual gifts and be done with you.”

He seemed upset, maybe I shouldn’t have been so harsh… No! No… I’m definitely not becoming a goblin. That would be a most harrowing affair.

“You’ll get the option to choose your race when you spawn… your species isn’t compatible with our realm so you’ll have to be quick. You’ll get your first skills when you pick a race, along with a blessing from me.” he started to chuckle at that last part.

A small necklace materialised before the girl. It was a blue tear-shaped tear on a thin silver chain.

[You have received an item: God’s Tear]

The fox-girl’s eyes lit up in surprise.

“What’s this? A message?”

“Oh, you must be from an unsystematised world. I suppose you’ve never seen a message like that?”

“No, it looks like it could get annoying.”

“I’m sure you’ll love it eventually. Most otherworlders do. They often use their uncommon sense to exploit it in ways that this realm’s dwellers just don’t realise. Well, that’s actually why we bring you lot in, to help advance our little world.”

“I… see.”

“I’ve made it known to you, so try focusing on that necklace. A message should come up.”

The girl narrowed her eyes on the blue tear. At first nothing happened, but then she tried thinking of everything she knew about it.

[God’s Tear]

A gift from the gods. It allows you to revive once and breaks on use.

Effect: Resurrection
Uses: 1

“Wow, this thing will let me come back to life if I die?”

“Yes, that’s right. So be careful not to lose it! This is the only gift you’ll get from me, little miss ‘I don’t want to be a goblin’”
“Of course! Thank you!” she bowed deeply, briefly forgetting herself.

“You’re welcome. I’ll be watching you in any case. Good bye now. Oh and do mind the drop.”

“Wait, what?”

The world crumbled at her feet, and she fell into a free fall. The girl spun around to face the floor and land on all fours, only to notice that it was several miles below her. Her lungs quickly emptied as a squeal mixed scream erupted from her mouth. She flailed her arms as the wind deafeningly rushed over her. As her body spun towards the ground and her wings proved too small to be of use, she had an idea.

“Air, lift me up and let me Fly!”

[You do not meet the requirements. Spell cancelled]

“No no no no no! I don’t want to die!” She screamed, watching the ground approach at an ever-increasing speed.

In a last ditch attempt to avoid wasting her so-called ‘gift’, she decided to slow her descent as much as possible, spreading out her arms, legs, tails and wings. Unfortunately her wings were too small to work unaided by magic, but worked perfectly as air brakes. She slowed, but still came at the ground at a deadly speed. Her body tilted slightly, getting her to fall where there were lots of trees. Hitting water was asking to be smushed. There, she found it. A forest with trees and hopefully bushes to break her fall. She would end up with a couple broken legs, but at least she would still be alive to tell the tale. One of her being cheated by a certain sourceless voice. As she neared the ground, she turned upright and pointed her feet towards the tree.

“Okay, okay… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” She wailed as her legs crunched into the tree. She tucked herself into a ball. And rolled as she hit the ground.

[Skill Gained: Pain Resistance lvl.5 Experience Deferred]

“Fuuuuuuck! You cheat-AH!” She cried out, her eyes, and legs, utterly soaked.

The girl lay helplessly on the ground. She had broken her legs badly enough that no amount of healing would ever put them back to what they once were. The sweet forest smell stopped her from completely going into shock, somehow. Sleeping here would be too dangerous. She tried to move, but the pain was unbearable.

[Warning: Current race incompatible. Termination will occur in 300 seconds]

[Please select a race]

A message popped up in her view.

Wait wait wait… termination!?

[Available Races]


You really want me to be a goblin, don’t you? Well thanks but no thanks.

After a few moments investigating each of the races, she settled on beastkin. It was a race of demi-humans who had cross-bred with animals. One of the options for her subspecies was Fox, which was as close as she could get to a Kitsune.

You have selected [Beastkin(Fox)]

[Job Gained: Beastkin(Fox) lvl. 0 ==> lvl. 1]
[Skill Gained: Swipe lvl. 0 ==> lvl. 1]
[Skill Gained: Heightened Senses lvl. 0 ==> lvl. 1]
[Skill Gained: Dominion lvl. 0 ==> lvl. 1]

[You have levelled up. All pools refilled]

The moment she accepted her race, something spectacular occurred. Her majestic wings crumbled and eight of her tails turned to ash. Her broken limbs snapped back into place. The pain disappeared. She was healed. But she was changed.

“What happened?” she asked.

As if to answer her question, a message appeared before her.


Pools are a resource and a representation of your current status.

Some pool examples:


Many more exist, but are only available for certain classes.

So my limbs were healed when my health was replenished? That seems too convenient.

Debilitations (such as a broken arm) will hinder you regardless of your Health, but newborns are immune to such things for a day after their birth.

So I’m a newborn am I?


The newborn Kitsune turned beastkin got happily acquainted with her help menu, which was apparently the blessing she was told about before, and asked it as many questions as she could think of.

She didn’t even need to talk.

What is that tree?

A Gumtree. Its bark is made of rubber and is always in high demand from the local merchants.

And that?

A dumbrock. It’s pretty and often mistaken for a jewel, but is absolutely worthless.

A little while later.

This forest is nice and all, but I should probably head for civilisation. Where is the nearest town?

The nearest town is Ultherna, it is located at the bottom of the mountain. Follow the river downstream and you will find it after a two hour walk.

The girl followed the instructions as best she could, finding the river quite easily. She walked downstream, watching multi-coloured fish swim up the hill and splashing as they often jumped. She smelled the sweet eucalyptus known to every forest and hopped from one stone to another as the way was hardly flat.

Then in the distance, she saw smoke. It was accompanied by yells and a couple screams. The girl rushed over as quick as she could, chasing the endless cries.

When she got there, dark-robed men were attacking a merchant convoy. A couple of the carriages were in flames and shredded bodies of what could only have been guards littered the area. They were currently tying up all the civilians and carrying the goods into their own carriage. Somehow she didn’t think they were just going to let them go.